Custom Vehicle and Car Magnets
Removable Car Magnets

Ensure your magnetic signs are designed professionally.

Custom Car Magnets can be a great choice for vehicle signage for your business or products. Easy to remove and apply when needed and inexpensive advertising on the road. There are a few factors in ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Focussed and Professional Design
At Car Magnet Shop we don't just sell you magnets. It is more than just a product for us, it is an important advertising tool for your business. With our professional graphic designer, your magnets are designed with the focus on your business as well as ensuring they are both eye-catching and get your message across quickly and reliably.

If your magnet design is not focussed and professional then it can really limit the advertising potential or tarnish your business image. In this case it's best not have any at all!

Everything from fonts, colours, layout and impact are analysed. Nothing pleases us more than a client telling us that their magnets have paid for themselves in the first week!

Car Magnet Sizing
With all vehicle signage impact is really important. As your vehicle travels along in traffic, people don't have time to read lots of info or hard to read info. Generally big and bold works best along with being concise and getting the message across easily.

Our car magnets are custom made to suit your vehicle. The bigger the better, but our most common size is 600mm x 300mm or 600mm x 400mm. Basically small car magnets cannot be read so have very little use. We normally recommend a quick measure of your car door panel to ensure the magnet fits on a smooth flat surface, while being as large but visually attractive as possible. Feel free to contact us to discuss as we can recommend sizes for most vehicle types.

Your car magnets will be printed in high quality (almost photographic) in long lasting vivid colour. They are further protected by a UV/scuff laminate that both protects and enhances the visual appeal. The magnets are made from vehicle grade magnetic which is thicker than most to ensure better adhesion to your vehicle.

Your car magnets need to work for your business, not against it. Like all advertising, they directly reflect your business professionalism.





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